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We just love Tea!

FOURTEA is a non-traditional tea station located in Downtown Orage, California. We offer different varieties of fresh tea drinks for our customers to enjoy. Our vision is to provide the best combination of customer service quality, innovative drinks with affordable pricing to local students and neighbors. 

FOURTEA choose to uses fresh and healthy ingredients when possible. All of our fruits are fresh and from the local market. We also provide non-dairy substitutes for most of the drinks. 

FOURTEA is all about innovation, we want to continually provide our customer with quality, fresh and new products. Our company will update our menu regularly to refresh our customers' taste bud. 

FOURTEA want to provide our customer with not just quality drinks, but also message/culture that can be passed on: The following is our belief and our purpose. 

FOR Inspiration 

Inspiration is an important part of our life, we can be inspired by anything, maybe it's a thought popping in your mind, maybe it's a song you hear, or maybe it's the FOURTEA you drink. The key to inspiration is the action that follows! If you are inspired to express kindness, help someone in need. If you are inspired to be artistic, get some paper and pen and start drawing.  


We are not alone, and reliance is the key. Find someone that you can rely on, and be someone that can be relied on. It's okay to feel lonely sometimes, cause at the end of the day, at least we have God to rely on. 


Spirit, it's an energy, an attitude, a character; and it impacts us and the people around us.  Try to keep a positive spirit on the good and bad days of our life, cause remember God is greater than the highs and lows. 


What's the most thing that's important? You! You have the power to impact many things in your life. You have the power to make a difference in your family, friends and most importantly- yourself! 


FOURTEA's mission is to be inspired to create innovative product and excellent service. To gain reliance on the things we do, to keep a positive spirit and attitude and to serve you! Every one of you! 

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